Whether you are considering an investment in Weyland Industries or have been a shareholder since 2023, we are committed to providing you with the effective information you need to make informed, confident decisions about your investment in The Company. With you on our side we will continue to forge ahead Building Better Worlds.

We have already begun laying the groundwork. As a company, we have virtually eradicated cancer.

We have increased the life expectancy and decreased the rate of unemployment for our entire planet. Our interstellar discoveries have replenished the earth's resources making possible the impossible: a sustainable Earth.

At Weyland Industries, we always have our sights set on the future with our feet firmly planted in the present. And our strategic objective has never been clearer: Build Better Worlds.

Innovation in motion

With our continuing innovation in android technology, manufacturing and supply chain, the David model is becoming increasingly available to a wider range of demographics, accelerating growth and productivity across all business sectors.


s The Company grows and evolves, we believe in delivering sustainable value to our shareholders. Since our inception we have weathered no fewer than five economic downturns and a myriad of changes in government law and regulation, all at no loss to our shareholders.

At any given moment, Weyland Industries has access to the most extensive network of interstellar resources this world has ever seen. Our employees are numerous, intelligent and are churning out patents at an unprecedented rate of 3.5 a day.