The Curiosity rover was sent up to Mars with the important job of hunting for microbes on the red planet’s surface. Now, that job is done, and Curiosity is getting a new mission—and that mission is all about the past, and future, of life on Mars.

A new team of scientists was just selected to take over science operations for the rover, but since Curiosity already completed its primary mission, what will they be working on?

Given their metallic nature, these rocks are particularly durable, and are more likely to survive atmospheric entry than lesser-dense objects.

JPL provided us with the full list of every scientific project the rover will undertake in its first extended mission, which you can see in its entirety below.


Look, for instance, at “Understanding Iron Oxide Formation in Mt. Sharp & Implications for Past Habitable Environments” or “Using composition to constrain paleoenvironments and sites of organic preservation in Gale Crater”.